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Let us join the call for the future of the agricultural biogas and biomethane sector

Pending the new Biomethane Decree, Biological Care joins the appeal launched by the friends of the CMA, to bring to the attention of the MiTE some aspects of the decree which, at least as it appears in the draft, jeopardize the achievement of the objectives of the PNRR.

Below is the CMA press release and we invite everyone to sign the appeal

Press release from the CMA

In recent days the new Biomethane decree has been prepared which will replace the previous one. The draft appears as a potential improvement over the previous system and the effort made by MiTE should therefore be appreciated. When simulating its application in agricultural enterprises, however, we are faced with some important problems that need to be resolved.

The biomethane proposal obviously addresses a part of the installed electricity biogas park as a significant number of plants have structural criticalities (distance from the connection network, matrices of inadequate types and / or quantities, etc.) which will not allow in any case their conversion.

It is therefore necessary that the Decree be structured in such a way as to encourage investments at least in the companies that have the requisites to be able to carry out the conversion. From an initial analysis carried out, however, it emerges that presumably few farms will be in a position to be able to convert to biomethane, with all due respect to the efforts made and the public resources that risk going unused.

It therefore becomes essential to review and improve the Decree to overcome the critical issues set out above.

For all the plants that cannot be converted, it is also impossible to postpone what has been requested by the sector for too long, i.e. a proposal for the renewal of the electricity incentive with energy efficiency criteria that can guarantee the supply chain a future of increasingly greater integration between energy production and the food industry.

Indeed, there is no doubt that the enhancement of electricity and heat in agricultural and agro-industrial processes always and in any case represents an efficient way to exploit anaerobic digestion in perfect integration with the production of food, which must always remain at the center. agricultural activity.

If no answers are provided to the issues highlighted, there is the risk of losing the heritage that has been built with great effort in the agro-energy sector in recent years.

To raise awareness among the competent ministries on this important issue and to contribute constructively and transparently to the achievement of the objectives of the agricultural sector, it is important to sign the appeal proposed by the CMA.

Everyone can sign, even privately as citizens of this country, it is not necessary to be owners of plants. Because sustainability is a value for everyone.


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