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All our products, both solid and liquid, from different agroindustrial supply chains, are aimed at increasing production, biogas quality, and balancing the Carbon/Nitrogen ratio.


  • Liquid products and by-products: crude glycerin, molasses, oleins, soap pastes, wheat concentrate, sweet syrups


  • Solid products and by-products: mixed cereal flours, corn flours, horticultural flours, cereal breaks, corn breaks, miscellaneous husks, bread and pasta processing derivatives, pomace, tomato peels, vegetable processing derivatives, cocoa processing derivatives

  • SOA category 2 and 3 liquids and solids: fatty acids, bread and pasta processing derivatives, cat 2 and cat 3 animal flours, pet food derivatives

  • Microelement supplements

  • Non-silicone antifoam additives

  • Cellulosic enzymes

  • Chloride-based liquid desulfurizers and iron oxide-based solidsFer

Availability may vary based on production seasonality

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