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Biological Care is the ideal partner for Green Economy operators.

Thanks to many years of consolidated experience in the chemical industry, from which it comes, Biological Care scientifically tackles every cutting-edge sector of the Green Economy, from Biowaste to BioBug to the new horizons of Biomethane and Biohydrogen, with a view totally devoted to eco-sustainable circularity.

With this end in mind, it follows pre-feasibility studies for companies that have to manage large amounts of production waste. It analyzes their energy potential and directs the client towards the construction of its own Biomethane plant, or in any case alternatively proposes the conditions to transform a cost for the client into an interesting economic resource.

It accompanies and guides companies that have built biodigesters to after sale assistance for proper biological management.

Analyzes, purchases and supplies non-hazardous BIOMASSES, PRODUCTS and WASTES, with a high methanation coefficient, from the agricultural, agribusiness and agroindustrial sectors, to create diets capable of maximizing the productivity of biodigesters.

It meets traceability and sustainability criteria and calculates CO2 savings.

Develops advanced control systems such as the METHAN TUBE®, capable of simulating the exact operation of the biodigester being analyzed, monitoring its biological properties as a function of the biomass in use, and employing predictive software that relies on a continuously implemented data base.

It devotes resources to research and development and employs a staff of young graduates.

Biological Care wants to stay ahead of the curve.

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