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Friendly biology

To perform at its best, a Biomethane plant needs proper and careful management.
Methan Tube® is a tool designed by Biological Care, in collaboration with ENEA and the University of Agriculture of Bologna, that can faithfully simulate the behavior of any biodigester.
Methan Tube® measures the real methanation of the biomass to be used in the feedstock and allows to evaluate its actual energy potential. Unlike what is normally done in the laboratory, Methan Tube ® tests are performed using the digestate and the internal temperature of the plant itself and not generic digestates at standard thermal conditions. In practice, the exact biological condition of the plant is copied to obtain indisputable results.
Methan Tube® additionally allows to assess the technological and structural efficiency of the plant, so that interventions on the feed or plant layout can be appropriately evaluated together with T4E.
Thanks to predictive software that feeds a continuously implemented data base, it processes the data and transmits it through the network in real time.
Methan Tube® meets the criteria of Industry 4.0 and allows to optimize productivity, helping the customer to create a customized diet, in total autonomy, performing remote controls from PCs, tablets and smartphones.


Test your biomass and digestate with our Methan Tube® 

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