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This Code of Ethics contains the ethical principles and general rules that, similarly to legal, regulatory and contractual rules, must characterize the organization and activities of Biological Care.

The Company, in the context of business and economic dynamics and requirements, has among its values that of business ethics, that is, the set of values by which the company is inspired and the responsibilities it intends to assume towards the reality in which it operates.

For these reasons it has decided to adopt this Code of Ethics, which consists of three parts:

Principles and values: the ethical principles and values to which the Company adheres and which all those who work within the Company or who, in any capacity, have relations with it, are called upon to adhere to;

Rules of conduct: the criteria of conduct that must characterize the Company's activities are set out and, in particular, the guidelines and rules of conduct to which those who work in the name and on behalf of the Company are called upon to adhere;

Implementation: rules are identified that describe how the Code is to be disseminated, and how the principles and rules of conduct contained therein are to be updated and implemented.

The Code of Ethics applies to corporate bodies, employees, collaborators and all those who, in any capacity and regardless of the type of contractual relationship, work in the name and on behalf of the Company.The Company also requires compliance with the Code from third parties (partners, customers, suppliers, professionals, consultants and other types of external parties) with whom it establishes relationships or business relations.

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