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The green molecule

With the publication of the Biomethane Decree 2022 in the Official Gazette, new support measures have come into effect and defined new sustainability criteria to be met, increasingly inspired by principles promoting the circular economy.

According to the Biomethane Decree 2022, plants will have to: produce fuel for transportation from only selected feedstocks for advanced biofuels, including Biomethane, with a 65 percent reduction in emissions; or produce fuel for other uses and with at least an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Biological Care, once again in line with the future (which envisages according to the goals set by the Paris Agreement the elimination of fossil fuels by 2050) has long been prepared to support customers and suppliers on this path, with the awareness that advanced biomass can constitute a virtuous circle with benefits for all players in the supply chain.

Biological Care is now the first trader company certified with Bureau Veritas for the National System for the Sustainability of the Biofuels, Bioliquids and Biomethane Supply Chain, thus able to market advanced biomass. Biological Care is also able to promote supply chain certification to be the sole pivot between the producer and the user, with total transparency for traceability.


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