Feasibility Studies

Waste management is a crucial issue and Biological Care has been working hard in this particular sector to consolidate its leadership position in consulting and problem solving. Our starting point comes from a deep knowledge of the market: International agri-food industries need to manage a rising amount of organic waste in the context of a set of rules that force them to invest huge capital in disposal services. So, they are constantly searching for alternative solutions.

The main one is the re-use of their own organic waste to produce energy. This is possible only if the waste produced can be classified as a by-product. Biological Care analyse biomasses coming from the agri-food industrial process in order to verify their real energetic potential and, subsequently, to provide a FEASIBILITY STUDY.

Once established that these residual substances are suitable for the anaerobic transformation, the client has to possibilities: sell the biomasses to biogas producers or realize an interior biogas plant and re-use energy and heat for the company need. Thanks to its considerable experience in the renewable energy market, Biological Care designs and implements biogas installation from A to Z, helping the client to maximize the installation production with customized diets for any different biodigestor. The screening of the biogas plant functionality can be performed through METHAN TUBE® technology, a Biological Care patent capable of simulating

the correct plant operation with the biomasses normally in use, at the real working temperature.   

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