Prodotti Energetici

All our products, solids and liquids, come from different agri-industrial certificated and trackable supply chains, are designed for productive increase, for gas quality and for the balance of Carbon/Nitrogen ratio.

All our energetics, studied to fill in the gaps of gas production, are defined by a high digestibility, high carbon containing and strong productive ability.

Availability may change according to the productive period.

Contact our offices for the products sheets and for every information on prices and availability.


Produced from carrots processing, by extraction of active substances.



Crude vegetal glycerine from biodiesel production.



Crude vegetal glycerine from soy/sunflower oils.



Crude vegetal glycerine from soy/sunflower oils.



Produced from cereals processing.


Produced from corn processing.


Produced by transforming sugar-beet, also for zootechnical use.



Sugar-beet molasses with low protein amount for a less sulphur production.


Produced by corn processing.


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