Last March 27th, the EU Parliament voted and approved in plenary the new EU regulation on fertilizers.


We will need three years to make it implement, meanwhile all the categories of fertilizers not recognised before will be put in regulation from the EU community: organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, soil improvers and correctives, growing medias and biostimulants. For the first time, the law on fertilizers introduced limits for lots of contaminants and will have to define conditions of use for recycled or organic materials for fertilization.


“It is appropriate to set harmonised conditions for making available on the entire internal market fertilizers obtained by recycled or organic materials in order to offer a consistent incentive for their use. Promoting the more frequent use of recycled nutrients would help the development of circular economy and would allow a more efficient general use of nutrients for resources, reducing EU reliance from other countries. The scale of harmonisation should be them extended in order to include recycled and organic materials.” (EU Parliament Position defined at first reading on March 27th, 2019). The tendency is to promote circular economy using the optimisation of its own resources and to use less the chemical industries.


Activities of Biogas chain are perfectly in conformity with this view, where fertilizer production could be valorised.


We wait now the publication on EU Magazine before entering details on innovations introduced by regulation and on implementing procedures. For further information contact our offices.


In the Annex, integral text of the approved European law. 

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