Enzimi e Batteri

New frontier for anaerobic digestion is the injection of different selected bacteria.


They are prepared with lyophilized microorganisms, supported by inorganic substances able to create a chain of redox reaction during biodegradation, where processes of microbial symbiosis intersect.


Many history cases show how the use of bacteria in anaerobic digestion plants allows the increasing of biogas production of 15-20% and reduce the biological commissioning phase of the system of 50-55%.


Major functions of bacterial preparations are: 

- Speed up the commissioning phase of biological system in start and restart of anaerobic plants, with a reduction of time to get the ideal biogas production.

- Increase biogas efficiency of anaerobic plants, with operative dysfunctions and consequent reduction of digestive quantity.

- Cut the pathogenic load in final discharges.


The line includes also microbiological additives based on heterolactic bacteria, that degrade the fibrous component improving the conservation of corn silage.

The range of enzymes is equally varied and strategic for a proper anaerobic digestion.

Enzymes specialised in the degradation of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are available. Enzymatic treatments therefore will enable an increase in biogas production facilitating the breaking down of surface 'hats' and crust inside the digesters.

Availabilite may change depending on the productive period. 

Contact our offices for products sheets and for every information on prices and availability. 

Lithic enzyme of cellulose, that degrades fibres into simple sugars.

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